Golden Sower Reviews: “Roll With It”

The story “Roll With It” by Jamie Sumner is all about a 12 year old girl named Ellie, who was born with cerebral palsy. This means that it’s harder for her to move and maintain balance without her wheelchair. Something most people don’t know about Ellie is that she has an attitude, and prefers to do things alone. Especially when it comes to her favorite pastime hobby, baking. Things in her school and hometown are the same as usual, but when Ellie and her mom hear word that Ellie’s grandfather is doing some crazy things due to his Alzheimer’s, the two decide to move to Nashville, Oklahoma to help Mema (Ellie’s grandmother) with grandpa. We the readers are then tagged along in Ellie’s Nashville adventures as she learns to realize that maybe life with friends truly are as sweet as apple pie.

In my opinion, I have to rate “Roll With It”  a 7/10. I decided to give it that rating because the book overall is good, but I feel like some aspects of the book could have been better. For instance, I wanted to know about more hardships Ellie and her mother had to go through on a daily basis. Like when Ellie had trouble finding a spot for her wheelchair in the classroom. I would have liked to know more about the struggles of having cerebral palsy to better understand the story. I also wish we heard more about her father, because we rarely hear from/about him or his backstory in the book. Learning a little more about him would’ve been appreciated. And all of these reasons are why I give the story “Roll With It” a 7/10. But what do you think?