Fall Break Extended!

UPDATE: LPS HAS OFFICIALLY EXTENDED FALL BREAK ONE MORE DAY. Students have the day off to do whatever they want and teachers will have a teacher plan day. This will happen on October 19th.

LPS wants to add one extra day to fall break in order for students and teachers to “catch their breath.” The calendar change would let students and staff have Tuesday, October 19th off in addition already having a day off on Monday. Although it is not decided yet, they have made plans to make that day a plan day for teachers. The additional day off is to show how hard teachers have been working during the pandemic and how flexible they have been with zoom and in-class students. With a high rate of substitution, 20% of teachers have been taking time out of their day to cover for other classes   

What would you do with your time if they gave you an extra day off?  Comment below!