Candy Quiz Winners

Irving’s STUCO (student council) wants to thank everyone who participated in the Candy Quiz! Among this list are all the winners:

Han Lar Say
Chance Snyder
Sam Anderson
Luna White
Ranea Neeley
Carlo rissettp
Ruthie Stokes
Eli Heninger
Leziga idigima
Sophia Bavougian
Natalie Travis
Ivy Plummer
Kooper stapp
Ayrianna Woods
Simeon Gibbs
Oliver Besch Brassil
Scout Jorges
Zayda stephenson
Gavin Waggerman
Madison Skalka
Bryn Dickson
Kael Henderson
Maddox Hansen
Norah Ferguson
Miriam Peters
Olivia Schmid
Lydia Bumgarner
Sydney Wendt

To those who wonder what the answers were to the quizzes, they were:

  1. Irving’s least favorite candy was: Licorice
  2. Irving’s favorite candy was: Sour Patch Kids

If you answered one of the following two questions correctly (meaning you should be on the list above) you should be receiving your candy Friday, October 29th. 

Although, if you didn’t specify your first and last name along with your first period teacher(s), it’s possible you won’t be receiving your prize.

Once again, thank you!

Candy Outline