Golden Sower Reviews: “Count Me In”

The story “Count Me In” by Varsha Bajaj is all about a seventh-grader named Karina and her friend Chris. At first, the two didn’t start out as friends, but after coincidentally meeting up again and again in different circumstances, they’re friendship slowly grew. But when Karina’s grandfather is attacked by a racist who tells him to “go home” (referring to his home country) Karina and Chris truly can’t stay silent. They decide to act!

    In my opinion, I have to rate “Count Me In”  a 5/10. I decided to bestow the book a 5/10 rating because the moral of the book is something we can all learn from. It teaches us to spread positive social change and to reject hate. But even though the lesson was realistic, other things in the story weren’t. For instance, I feel like some of the events in the book were truly unexpected and didn’t serve much of a purpose to the overall story. Basically what I’m trying to say is that there was a lot of unneeded filler. I also wish we had a bit more character development from other characters and not just Karina and Chris. And all of these reasons are why I give the story “Count Me In” a 5/10. But what do you think?