6th vs 7th!

different grade, different struggles.



6th and 7th grade might be two different grades, but are they truly the same? Or are they really actually different? Why would I guess when I can go straight to the people who would know, the current 7th graders of Irving Middle School.

When interviewing our 7th graders, it’s said that majority of the class agrees that 6th grade is better. This truly was unexpected, just like how being in school this year wasn’t expected for Jaylen, one of our 7th graders who went through the school year online last year. As said by the 7th graders, they agree there’s a difference between the two grades, but the majors consist of different classes, no more celebration (a 6th grade tradition), more homework, and lastly they have more responsibilities. But along with the responsibilities they do get more freedom than previously.

They even eat lunch at a different time, which Finn (a current 7th grader) isn’t in favor, nor Jaylen! “I don’t like having to wait until everyone else gets their lunch because I forgot my card,” Jayla states. The 7th graders truly have been through a lot, so what do they think now? Overall 7th graders really do have mixed feelings about their grade, but I hope they do well and become amazing 8th graders!