Getting to Know Mrs. Larson

Getting to Know Mrs. Larson


Mrs. Larson’s family consists of her, her husband (Sam), and her two fabulous kids (Henry and Mae). She met her husband through a friend in college, and it’s because of him that she moved to Lincoln from Omaha. Sam is intelligent, fun caring, and will always make you smile. He works for Hudl in their marketing and advertising department. Henry is seven. He is in second grade and goes to Beattie Elementary School. He is smart, silly, and has a big heart. Mae the youngest one in the family is two. She goes to Trinity Day Care. She is sweet, loving, and bright. Henry and Mae love to spend time together. That’s why summer is very important to them and the family.



Mrs. Larson is a teacher of thirteen years. Her favorite topic to teach is social studies and history. She loves history! Especially when it comes to U.S history or the ancient civilizations of America. What she loves most about being a teacher is that she can interact with great kids daily. She enjoys to teach kids so they can be good and kind, now and in the future. She moved over to teach eighth grade because she wanted to try something new. She still loves history and she also knew many kids from sixth grade. Her favorite motto in teaching is “I promise I will never ask you to do anything unreasonable.”



Just like anybody her middle school years were good but also tough. It was hard trying to find out who you fit in with and who loves you for you. In high school, she did dance, softball, volleyball, basketball, and track. She was also on student council and by her senior year she was president. When she was younger she didn’t actually want to be a teacher. She really wanted something to do in the medical field. She started college with a nursing degree but that was before she knew she had to dissect a cat. Of course everyone has some type of hobby besides work. Hers is working out, hiking, reading, reupholstering mid century furniture, and traveling. But besides all of that she loves to spend time with her family and friends.