The Background of The New High School’s Name


Chief Standing Bear

It is official that the new high school will be named Standing Bear High School. This is the first LPS high school that is not named after a direction. Also, the person that it is named after is one of the most famous Nebraskans ever. He led the Ponca Tribe during the 19th Century and was a civil rights leader for the Native Americans. The United States Army forced him and many of his people to Oklahoma at bayonet point. His son died soon after. One of his son’s last wishes was that he would be buried in his true homeland. This would mean that Standing Bear would have to leave the territory, which he was not allowed to do. They did anyway and got arrested by the Army at Fort Omaha . He brought a lawsuit against the United States Army. This would become one of the biggest lawsuits in Nebraska history. In this case he made his famous speech, in which he said “That hand is not the color of yours, but if I prick it, the blood will flow, and I shall feel pain,” said Standing Bear. “The blood is of the same color as yours. God made me, and I am a Man.” Eventually the ruling in court went in Standing Bear’s favor. Overall, Standing Bear is an important figure in Nebraska and US history, and it is good that one of the new high schools is named after him.