How Has Social Media Affected You?


Facebook Background

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Over the past couple of months, social media apps have been under a lot of scrutiny. These apps include Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook), Twitter, TikTok, and more. However, it has mainly been Facebook and Instagram getting scrutinized lately. Frances Haugen, known as the Facebook whistleblower, was able to turn over thousands of private Facebook documents that helped us learn a lot about the company. These documents told us that Facebook was aware that they’re apps harmed children and undermined democracy, but they let this happen because they were making so much money.

The thing that makes Frances Haugen special is that she worked at Facebook for about 2 years, which can make her a great source. Before leaving the company she was able to copy thousands of papers that showed just how messed up Facebook and Instagram were. Also, we found were that the Facebook app may have been used to attempt to change the 2016 election.

Because of these events, the newspaper staff and I were wondering if social media has affected students at Irving as well. Please fill out our form at the top to participate!