Golden Sower Review Series: “Song for a Whale”

The book, “Song for a Whale” by Lynne Kelly, is all about a girl named Iris who, just like her grandparents, was born deaf. This is slightly ironic due to the fact that she loves radios and tinkering with them when she gets home from school. Although Iris is deaf,  she doesn’t let this stop her from communicating with others, due to the fact that she’s an expert when it comes to sign language. But since it seems like barely any people at her school understand sign language, (let alone want to learn sign language) she relies on her translator, who really comes in handy on a day to day basis. But when she watches a video about a whale with the name “Blue 55” in science class who has to live his life alone since no other whale matches his low song frequency, Iris ventures out to find the whale and tell him he’s not alone, and that she’s listening to his song. But will she make it before Blue 55 migrates once again?

I rate this book a solid 8.5/10. The book hovers over the topic of belonging and communication. We get a good summary of the main character (Iris) and her struggles with being deaf. Not only that, but also the main conflict of the story is very unique compared to the problems in most stories. The only reason I feel the book isn’t a perfect 10/10 is due to the fact that the book moved a bit slow from time to time, and I feel that those slow moments could have been used to understand more about some side characters or questions we may have. But other than that, the book was great!

But what do you think? What are your opinions about this book?