The Story of Odin


Odin in the Library

As many students know, Irving’s librarian Mrs. Cejda has a therapy dog named Odin. The newspaper team thought that it would be interesting if we learned a little bit about Odin’s backstory. From what we learned, Odin is a very interesting dog.

First of all, Odin is only four years old, and Mrs. Cedja has had him for two years. Although she knows that he’s a husky mix, she doesn’t know what type of mix. Odin was originally found on a native reservation in Kansas and was adopted by an organization called Domesti-Pups, where they take dogs to prisons to help rehabilitate prisoners. Although he was not able to be a service dog, according to Mrs. Cedja,  “He makes the perfect therapy dog.”

She first got the idea of getting a therapy dog from a book called “All Rise For the Honorable Perry T. Cook”. This book is about a kid who was raised in prison. The first time she got to visit Odin was in the visitors area in prison.

Before bringing Odin to school, Mrs. Cedja emailed all staff members to make sure it was okay to bring Odin.  And if a student is afraid of dogs, she will keep Odin on the leash near them. Currently, you can see Odin hanging out in the library and roaming the halls with Mrs. Cedja.

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