Nebraska VS Iowa Football Rivalry

Wikimedia commons

Nebraska and Iowa are states that have rivaled in football for over a hundred years. But nowadays, it has led to the states rivaling in agriculture, city size and etcetera. This is in a non-threatening way. Just as some kind of competition. But the big picture has always been football. This “Rivalry” started all the way back in 1891 when Iowa first played Nebraska in Omaha with Iowa winning with a 22 to nothing lead. But over time with the wins added up to present day, Nebraska has the Majority of wins over Iowa with Nebraska having 29 wins and Iowa with 19 and 3 ties. Ever since Nebraska joined the Big Ten Conference, the two states have always played on the Friday after Thanksgiving, also know as the Hero’s Game, which the name is used to honor those who have committed acts of Heroism in their communities. This all started in 2011. Due to COVID complications, the game during 2020 and 2021 was rescheduled to a different date than Friday. This aggravated fans so much, the the game had to be moved back to Friday. But in the end, the two teams will always play the same game of football, no matter what day or time.