Opinion – Justice for Ahmaud Arbery!!!

Ahmaud Arbery was shot by 3 white men because they claimed that “he was a burglar” even though he was just jogging around the neighborhood. They killed him because he was a black man (there is enough evidence for it). These murderers claimed that “The defense is employing a two-part strategy: citizen’s arrest and self-defense.  It was obvious that he was attacking me, that if he had gotten the shotgun from me.  It was a life-or-death situation.”  That statement was very well…false.

He obviously was not attacking him because there was no evidence of him trying to attack him. He wasn’t even armed. One of the killers even claimed that “… believed Mr Arbery resembled the suspect in a series of local break-ins. Police have said no reports were filed regarding these alleged break-ins.”

The good thing is that all 3 of the murderers of Ahmaud are going to spend a very long time in jail. Travis McMicheal was guilty on all nine of his charges. His father, Gregory McMicheal (Father of Travis), was guilty of eight of the nine charges. William Bryan was guilty of seven of the nine charges.

What do you think about all of this?