The Art of Cosplay

From Anime to Video Games

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Cosplaying has been the thing that gives people a chance to be someone or something other than themselves. Whether it’s Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, people express themselves by dressing up as fictional characters.

Cosplaying is an alliteration for “costume playing”. When people cosplay, they casually roleplay or “play along” with other cosplayers, pretending to be in the cosplayed character’s fantasy world. Though it’s pretend, roleplay is something that means a ton to cosplayers.

Cosplay also lets people be creative, or be open to themselves. People add many accessories like chokers, chains and maybe even colored beads to their outfits, representing many styles. For wigs, people use different tools like crimpers and combs to make them look unique, giving the wigs different styles and textures. People even make their own custom props (like swords and hammers), too.

Though cosplaying is popular nowadays, most cosplayers are seen at conventions, which are largely-gathered events that are based off of fantasy shows and anime. At conventions, photos are taken, vendors with custom merchandise are circled in a large area, roleplays take place, and much more.

People feel different when they cosplay. They feel happy when they dress up as someone who expresses entertainment.  Cosplaying is the type of art that expresses others to be something new.