Social Stereotypes: Men and Femininity

social constructs are overrated


Wikimedia Commmons

Social constructs, gender roles, and stereotypes! Everyone is categorized to a gender, whether you’re male, female, or in confusion on what you believe you are. Yet society will still put beliefs on what you should or should not wear, what makes you look presentable, and what makes you look socially acceptable.

Thankfully, not everyone follows these social queues! Examples of people who love breaking gender norms are people such as Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings, and Jaden Smith. Recently on the cover of Vogue, Harry Styles was seen wearing a baby blue dress. Many different reactions occurred because of the femininity of this cover. But some of us are all for breaking the standards! And other were repulsed to see a man wearing such a thing, they even went as far as to say it was ruining 2020. But Harry Styles isn’t in it alone! Luke Hemmings is in a band called “5 Seconds of Summer”, and on their tours Hemmings often wears makeup, or even just casual glitter. Luke even recently received praise from his fans for doing a full face of makeup with help from his girlfriend. They’re proud of who he has become

Jaden Smith is last but not least, and Jaden is always breaking the gender normalities, and he rocks it! Jaden is always seen wearing dresses and skirts in public. He even preforms in them at times. Jaden states his views on dressing out of gender standards very clearly, “It is okay to be comfortable in your own skin and wear whatever you want!” he quotes. Frankly, he’s right! I think us, all of us in the Irving community, should be who we want and love. What do you guys think?