QB Logan Smothers Steps In

QB Logan Smothers Steps In

The loss on Friday was a good way to sum up Nebraska’s season. Now, Nebraska is the first college team to go 1-8 in their conference ( BIG-10) and not lose by double digits. Not to mention, Nebraska finished their season with a BIG-10 score differential of 0. Meaning, they scored the same amount of points that were scored on them.

The big headline from this week however, was freshman QB Logan Smothers who was pretty impressive on Friday, despite a crucial fumble followed by a miscommunication with a wide receiver resulting in a game ending interception.

Smothers rushed for 64 yards and two touchdowns, and he completed his first 7 passes for 125 yards. He finished the game with 198 yards in the air and an interception. He also showed off his blazing speed multiple times throughout the game. It was evident that he has had experience in the track and field area. His teammates and coaching staff were very supportive after the game, saying that Smothers played about as good as he could’ve given the circumstances.

Running back Brody Belt said: “I think Logan played a really good game for the circumstances he was in. I guess you could say a couple bad choices here and there, putting the ball on the ground and stuff like that, but Logan stepped in, he knew the game plan really well, he knew what he had to do today, and I think he played really well.”

Coach Frost stated that he did enough to win the game, and there were just one or two critical mistakes from ending Iowa’s win streak in this rivalry, as Iowa has won the last six Iowa vs Nebraska.

Even though this has been one of the more disappointing years in Scott Frost’s coaching era for Nebraska, it seems like things are moving in the right direction for this team. So what do you think needs to change in the offseason? Is Smothers the answer after Martinez leaves?