Pressure From Your Peers

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School. A great place to make friends, get an education, and just to start your life. But school isn’t always the safest place for your health if you aren’t around the right people. Toxic people exist and if you’re their “friend” you may be subject to the projection of their bad decisions.

Here’s an example of peer pressure! It happens often without you knowing sometimes.

Let’s say you were hanging out with three friends, having a good day, then suddenly friend 1 starts doing something that makes you uncomfortable, like vaping. Now let’s go with the example where they don’t bother you and you just watch.  What in that moment would you do? Or.. In another situation maybe they’d try to get you to join in, keep telling you how fun it is and that no one will catch you.  Maybe they’d even get a little frustrated when you decline their offers. That’s the beginning of peer pressure!

If someone is pressuring you into doing something that is unsafe or makes you feel unsafe, be sure to tell a trusted adult.

What would you do in the situation I described?  Comment below!